Joe Blackwell

Joe was first licensed as K5GFN in 1955.  He has been on 26 DXpeditions, most notably; 3D2R, BQ9P, BS7H, BV9L, C6DX, C91F, K4M Midway, NH8S Swains, T33C, TI9KK, TO5DX, VU4AN, VU7RG, XY0TA, and XY3C.

His mini DXpeditions include calls he holds or has held; 3D2NN, 3DA0NN, 7P8NN, A25NN, A31NN, C6A/AA4NN, C91NN, C91F, E51EEE, K5ESE, K5GFN, T30NN, T33NN, TI7/AA4NN, VU3JLW, VU4AN/VU3JLW, XY4NN, ZS3NN, ZS6/AA4NN.

His is a member of ARRL, NCDXF, INDEXA, GDXF, SEDXC, CWops, A1 Op, Carolina CW Ops, and the Carolina DX Assn.

A retired computer professional, Joe has been known to work major CW contests from his home on the shores of Lake Wylie, SC.

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