On Wake Island

Wake Atoll

First View of Wake Atoll

Team Lands On Wake Island, Friday, November 1, 2013

Wake Island Airfield and Terminal

Hosts Don Davis and Colin Bradley (WA2YUN) From Chugach

Colin and Wake Physician - Dr. Scott Kennedy

Welcome To Wake Island

Welcome To Wake Island


Wake Atoll Base Commander - Captain Charlie Taylor

WWII Cannon

Our Dormitory

Chow Time

Yes -- it's all there !

CW Site - The Chapel

2 Stations At The CW Site - Every QSO A Blessing

CW Site - SteppIRs

CW Site - The Battle Creek "160M" Special

Craig, K9CT

Mark, NA6M

Mike, K9NW

Ralph, K9ZO

Jim, N9TK

Joe, AA4NN

SSB Site - The Beach Shack

SSB Site - 3 Stations (2 on HF + 1 on 6M)

SSB Site - SteppIR w/80M Coil

SSB-Site: 8-Element 6M Yagi

Putting Together The Big IR (N2TU, W8GEX)

Getting Ready To Rock and Roll (K6MM, N2TU)

Joe, W8GEX

Jerry, WB9Z

Dick, W3OA

Hal, W8HC

Lou, N2TU

John, K6MM

WWII Bunker

WWII Bunker

Beautiful Lagoon

View Toward Peale Island

Rugged Beaches
In Transit

Ready To Board

On The Way To Wake
Team Dinner Honolulu Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hickam AFB Terminal - Waiting To Board

Miscellaneous Equiipment Ready For Shipping To Wake Island (W3OA)

Small Sample of DXpedition Equipment Needed (W3OA)

CW Site-Specific Goodies (W3OA)

Antennas Ready For Shipping To Wake Island (ND2T)

SteppIR BigIRs Unpacked and Labelled

One Of Four BigIRs On The Ground After Testing
Re-Packing For Shipping
SteppIR Testers: Tom, ND2T; John, K6MM; Kevin, K6TD
Elecraft K3 and KPA500 ready for Wake to boxes from DX Engineering and our laptops cases (K9CT)

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