Ralph Bellas

I work in the computer systems department of a large insurance company as a system designer. This involves designing large software applications which will work in a complex technical environment.

I also own a landscaping business with my sons and just retired from teaching marketing at Illinois State University. MS Computer Science 2001, MBA 1989, MS Geography 1976.

I was first licensed in 1969 while in high school and moved to London before college. That's where I first got interested in DX. My interests include technology, entrepreneurship, contesting, dxing, cw, vhf, and being very active on the HF bands. DXpeditions really excite me!

I'm a member of the Society of Midwest Contesters (SMC). Former calls are: WN9CGL, WB9CGL, AB9CGL, G5ATU, GM5ATU, ON8WF, XE2/K9ZO, KH7/K9ZO, K9K, K9ZO/HC8, YV7/K9ZO, M0/K9ZO, S5/K9ZO, S566Z, YL/K9ZO, LY/K9ZO, ZK1ZOO, K9C, V31RA, K9ZO/ZL2, K9ZO/VP9, YN2Z, PJ7/K9ZO Op at: G4ALE, XE7X, HC8N, KH7R, 4M7X, 5J1W, ZL8R, ZL6QH, PJ7E, and VP8ORK

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