Mark Stennett

Mark was licensed in 1976 as WN6LLM/WB6LLM and operated CW in the Caribbean and Central America aboard a sail boat with his parents and brother. In the Canal Zone he was known as KZ5CC.

This rewarding hobby led to a career in broadcast radio where Mark has been doing engineering work for the past 29 years. He is currently VP, Engineering for Univision Radio and oversees the radio engineering effort for owned and operated 64 stations spread across 17 major and medium markets which provide premium Spanish language programming for area listeners.

Mark is a life member of the ARRL and is active in amateur radio clubs in the Austin, TX area. He is also involved in repeater frequency coordination efforts for amateur radio repeaters in Texas and nationwide.
He is married with adult children. Wife Renee' is N5BW and son Matt is K5RYN.

Mark was one of the 40 WPM guys on NH8S Swains Island and previously led a couple of mini expeditions to the Bahamas as C6AMS.

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