Joe Pater
Team Leader

Joe has been licensed since 1970 and holds an Extra class with his main interest DXing. Joe is also an avid 60m operator and sends out a 60m DX Newsletter.

He has been on 51 DXpeditions, many as the leader or co-leader.

In 2007, Joe received the SWODXA (SouthWest Ohio DX Assoc.) DXpedition of the Year Award for leading the 2007 406DX DXpedition.

Joe has operated from J3, ZF2NF, V47NF, WB8GEX/VP5, VP5VDL, WB8GEX/PJ7, VP5N, C6IOTA, C6AJR, A35EX, 3D2EX, TI5A, CY0AA, 4O6DX, WB8GEX/1J4, PJ2/W8GEX, C6DX, VP2EV, KP2/W8GEX, N8Z, TO5DX, K4M, PJ7E and NH8S (Swains Island).

He belongs to SWODXA, NCDXF, and INDEXA.

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